My choice for my Art Project: Max Mayfield, former NHC Director



T.D. 15 dissipates

The last advisory on Tropical Depression Fifteen was issued this evening.

Timeskip Sakura vs Pre-Timeskip Ino

Michael Vick’s jersey removed from display at Warwick.

I can’t believe I did not see that.

Spirit Week, Day #3

Today is 80’s day. At least it’s more normal than Farmers Day or Nerd Day.

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Quote of the Day #2

Quote of the Day:
I like bugs

–Shino Aburame,┬áNaruto Abridged 2

Happy 17th Birthday Naruto!


Quote of the Day #1

Quote of the Day:
I have a note from my doctor saying that I can’t be in an anime longer than 52 episodes, can I go home?

–Random Kid, Naruto Abridged Episode 1

Another odd story

It involves a AmTran International, a police chase and a ten year old.

Karen downgraded to a depression

Karen has been downgraded to a tropical depression.

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