Karen downgraded to a depression

Karen has been downgraded to a tropical depression.


Tropical Storm Karen headed for the U.S., T.D. 14 becomes Tropical Storm Melissa, T.D. 14-E forms

Tropical Storm Karen’s latest track has it headed for the U.S. as a minor tropical storm. One model has Karen off New England as a hurricane. T.D. 14-E formed in the East Pacific as T.D. 14L in the Atlantic became Melissa. Talk about a coincidence.

Lorenzo dissipates, Karen barely a tropical storm, Melissa to form tomorrow?

The final advisory on Tropical Depression Lorenzo was issued this evening at 5:00. Also Karen is down to 40 mph, but there is some bad news: Karen’s projected path takes it toward the United States by 4 to 5 days. Also, T.D. 14 has formed off of Africa and is expected to become Tropical Storm Melissa tomorrow.

Hurricane Humberto II: Hurricane Lorenzo

Lorenzo has taken Humberto’s record and has gone from depression to hurricane in 7 hours. It’s 2005 all over again.

“Wow, I think that’s a new record” – Hayate Gekko, Naruto the Abridged Series 16

Karen weakens; Lorenzo nearly a hurricane

What a difference a day makes. This time yesterday, it was Karen that was going to become a hurricane and T.D. 13 to only become a tropical storm, now it’s Lorenzo about to become a hurricane and Karen the one that’s going to remain a tropical storm.

We’re back…OF THE FUNK.

Yes, Naruto Abridged 16 is now out, and there is another funny conversation between Masako and Vegeta in this one.

Karen and TD Thirteen

Tropical Storm Karen formed this morning in the eastern atlantic, and is currently a minor tropical storm with winds of only 40 mph. Also at 5:15 PM CDT, a special advisory was issued for Tropical Depression Thirteen in the Gulf of Mexico.


Four tropical cyclones in less than a week.

New Theme time (again…)

It is time for another new theme.


There is a low pressure area in the eastern Atlantic that looks very organized and may become Tropical Storm Karen over the next few days. If so, this will be the first “K” name since Katrina.

Well, lookie what I found on Google Maps.

Warwick High School on Satellite.

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