Humberto and Eight #2

Humberto actually became a hurricane this morning and became the first hurricane to hit the US since Hurricane Wilma. What gets me is that Tropical Depression Eight, which was designated at the same time as Tropical Depression Nine, which would become Humberto only 3 hours later, is still a Tropical Depression.  Here is a run down. So T.D. Eight is still a Tropical Depression, while T.D. Nine has gained Tropical Storm and Hurricane status and made landfall in less than a day. In the words of Dosu Kinuta from Naruto Abridged: “Wow. That is just really really sad.”


Hurricane Humberto?

Humberto has strengthened to 65 mph as of 1000 PM CDT and with the appearance of what may be an eye on radar brings me to this question: Could Humberto become the first US landfalling hurricane since Wilma? Humberto still has a couple of hours before landfall and it has enough time to go up 10 more miles per hour to reach hurricane strength. It wouldn’t be that weird to see Humberto made a hurricane on the same day it formed. I mean, in 2001, the NHC started issued advisories on Noel, and it was already a hurricane. Also, on radar, Humberto has a hurricane-like shape.

Humberto and Eight

Well, the databooks aren’t going to be in alphabetical order for this season. Tropical Depression Eight remains a Tropical Depression, while Tropical Depression Nine has become Tropical Storm Humberto and is now, as of 7 PM CDT, 35 miles South of Galveston, and with winds of 50 mph. I wake up this morning and there is just two tropical disturbances and come back home to see Tropical Depression Eight and Tropical Storm Humberto.