Lorenzo dissipates, Karen barely a tropical storm, Melissa to form tomorrow?

The final advisory on Tropical Depression Lorenzo was issued this evening at 5:00. Also Karen is down to 40 mph, but there is some bad news: Karen’s projected path takes it toward the United States by 4 to 5 days. Also, T.D. 14 has formed off of Africa and is expected to become Tropical Storm Melissa tomorrow.


Hurricane Humberto II: Hurricane Lorenzo

Lorenzo has taken Humberto’s record and has gone from depression to hurricane in 7 hours. It’s 2005 all over again.

“Wow, I think that’s a new record” – Hayate Gekko, Naruto the Abridged Series 16

Karen weakens; Lorenzo nearly a hurricane

What a difference a day makes. This time yesterday, it was Karen that was going to become a hurricane and T.D. 13 to only become a tropical storm, now it’s Lorenzo about to become a hurricane and Karen the one that’s going to remain a tropical storm.

Karen and TD Thirteen

Tropical Storm Karen formed this morning in the eastern atlantic, and is currently a minor tropical storm with winds of only 40 mph. Also at 5:15 PM CDT, a special advisory was issued for Tropical Depression Thirteen in the Gulf of Mexico.


Four tropical cyclones in less than a week.