Wipha makes landfall

Wipha made landfall sometime this evening as a Category 4 typhoon with winds of 140 mph. Currently it is down to 115 mph, making it a Category 3. Also, there is Invest 93L off Florida. The center is already onshore, but the convection is mostly over the Atlantic. I think we will have Tropical Storm or Subtropical Storm Jerry within 120 hours. I think a landfall anywhere from the Florida Panhandle to the Mississippi coast.


Wipha now at 155 mph

Wipha is now at 155 mph, just 1 mph from Category Five intensity. We now have a monster on our hands.

Wipha to spare Thailand from a direct impact?

Wipha has recently been turning more to the northwest meaning that Thailand may be spared a direct impact. Most models have Wipha turning off away, but a couple have Thailand as the point of landfall, but fortunately, it appears that Wipha will spare the island it’s strongest winds and will turn off toward the north and toward mainland China and Japan.

Wipha now the third Supertyphoon of the year

Wipha has become the third supertyphoon of the year as it barrels toward Taiwan, leaving them the third country in a month to feel the wrath of an intensifying Category Four or Five tropical cyclone. First, Dean in the Yucatan, then Felix in Nicaragua, now Wipha in Taiwan. Hopefully this is the last one.

Wipha reaches 140 mph

Wipha is now a Category 4 typhoon folks. It’s odd how there have been 3 intense cyclones that have strengthened before landfall in 1 month. Hopefully, Wipha will stay at 140 or weaken, and not strengthen anymore.

…And then there was one.

This time yesterday, we had three tropical cyclones: Tropical Depression Ingrid in the Atlantic and Typhoon Nari (Falcon) and Tropical Storm Wipha (Goring) in the West Pacific. Now, 24 hours later, Ingrid has dissipated as of the 5 AM EDT advisory, Nari has become extratropical, leaving Wipha, now a Category 2 typhoon, the only tropical cyclone in the world.

Ingrid down to 30 mph, Nari becomes Extratropical, Wipha now a Typhoon; Madara Uchiha revealed (NOT TOBI!)

Here is a brief update for everyone:

  1. Ingrid has weakened to 30 mph (25 kts) as of the 11 PM EDT advisory and I think it is a safe bet to say that Ingrid might not restrengthen at all.
  2. Nari became extratropical early this morning.
  3. Wipha (Goring) is now a Category 2 typhoon on the Saffir-Simpson Scale with winds of 105 mph and pressure of 960 mb.
  4. Also, I forgot to mention this on Friday and Saturday, but Madara Uchiha has finally been shown and he isn’t (and from the hair style, can’t be) Tobi.

Well, that’s the second theory I have seen proven right within a month. First the “Fourth is Naruto’s father theory”, now the “Tengu Theory”.

Typhoon Nari (Falcon) now a Category 3 near Okinawa; Tropical Depression 13W

Typhoon Nari (A.K.A. Typhoon Falcon by PAGASA) is now a 125 mph typhoon located 40 miles NW of Naha, Okinawa and has a minimal central pressure of 940 mb. Also Tropical Depression 13W formed SE of Naha, Okinawa.