Timeskip Sakura vs Pre-Timeskip Ino


Quote of the Day #2

Quote of the Day:
I like bugs

–Shino Aburame,┬áNaruto Abridged 2

Happy 17th Birthday Naruto!


Quote of the Day #1

Quote of the Day:
I have a note from my doctor saying that I can’t be in an anime longer than 52 episodes, can I go home?

–Random Kid, Naruto Abridged Episode 1

We’re back…OF THE FUNK.

Yes, Naruto Abridged 16 is now out, and there is another funny conversation between Masako and Vegeta in this one.

Happy 17th Birthday Ino!


Happy 17th Birthday Shikamaru!

Ingrid down to 30 mph, Nari becomes Extratropical, Wipha now a Typhoon; Madara Uchiha revealed (NOT TOBI!)

Here is a brief update for everyone:

  1. Ingrid has weakened to 30 mph (25 kts) as of the 11 PM EDT advisory and I think it is a safe bet to say that Ingrid might not restrengthen at all.
  2. Nari became extratropical early this morning.
  3. Wipha (Goring) is now a Category 2 typhoon on the Saffir-Simpson Scale with winds of 105 mph and pressure of 960 mb.
  4. Also, I forgot to mention this on Friday and Saturday, but Madara Uchiha has finally been shown and he isn’t (and from the hair style, can’t be) Tobi.

Well, that’s the second theory I have seen proven right within a month. First the “Fourth is Naruto’s father theory”, now the “Tengu Theory”.

Happy 32th Birthday Kakashi!

Naruto Chapter 370

Naruto Chapter 370 is out!

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